About Us

Choice - The Musical!

Choice - The Musical is a lighthearted take on a subject that many  consider no laughing matter – abortion! In the age of Trump when  reproductive rights are being rolled back weekly, and Roe vs Wade is in  jeopardy of being overturned, what better time to send up the intractable struggle that overwhelms the news every election cycle and prevents Americans from getting anything else done.

Whether you're left or right, you'll laugh all night! This musical sends up both sides of the debate - Choice is fun for everyone!

The Story

Choice - The Musical follows the adventures of Ellie, a young pro-life protestor, who confronts pro-choice advocates face-to-face for the first time. Instead of saving souls, Ellie is shocked to discover that she is in need of salvation from the wild ride of life.  

Along the way we meet a curious collection of characters including a trio of women's health clinic employees, the local church congregation, and a grizzled cowboy hat wearing fetus who all help tell this tall tale through silly song and dance!

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