Our Team

Written by

Choice - The Musical is written by:

Sheri Flanders (Head Writer), Josh Flanders, Kimber Russel, Kerry Santoro

Sheri and Josh Flanders are both graduates of the Second City Conservatory, and the entire writing team are graduates of the Second City Music Program.

Directed By

Director Jeff Bouthiette is the head of the Second City Training Center's Music Program and an accomplished songwriter, actor, playwright and director. Choice is Assistant Directed by Molly Todd Madison.

Composed by

Brad Kemp is a composer, producer, performer and music director and has composed original music for several musicals, including Tapped, the winner of the first year of Premiere Premieres Festival. Brad also runs a private recording studio secondbedroomstudio.com


Our first performance of Choice The Musical occurred at the Premier Premieres Festival in Chicago, IL, and featured a stunning cast of performers including:

Amber Linde - Ellie
Miles A. Kopcke - Joseph
Gary Fields - Gary
Sheri Flanders - Joan
Mo Phillips-Spotts- Dana
Kimber Russell - Carla
Kerry Santoro - Bridget
Jenna Steege - Greg
Josh Flanders - Tony & The Fetus

Music Direction

Music Director - Jacob Fjare

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